Meet the team

Our most important investment is our people – the staff we choose and the customers we attract. They all make Swoop, well… Swoop

Not surprisingly, there’s a genuinely entrepreneurial vibe within our team.

We’re working hard to reinvent the way businesses experience finance – we’re simplifying the complexities, ensuring transparency, eliminating inconvenience and empowering our customers to easily make money decisions every day.

When we say ‘team’ we mean our customers too. Like us, they are risk-takers, everyday entrepreneurs who believe in making a difference. They, too, contribute to our vibe.

When they flourish, we celebrate. When our customers invest in more jobs, sponsor the local sports club, export for the first time or invest in new facilities, it makes us happy.

It’s especially rewarding when we see our work help businesses survive shock events like Covid-19 – we find them the finance they need, when they need it.

You’ve got big dreams.
We’re here to help you achieve them

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